Tutorial Reset Epson English

Tutorial Reset Epson

step 1

Connect your printer to the computer’s USB port.


Step 2

Cancel everything that is being printed!


step 3
Download the reset

step 4
Install the reset as shown in the video.



Step 5
If the reset does not open automatically …

Click the shortcut created in the work area.


Step 6

Copy the key without spaces and paste in the program!

Click Activate!


Step 7

Click select.


Step 8

Choose the model of your printer!

Step 9


In PORT, select the printer to be reset …

if your printer does not appear in this step, it is because it has an installation problem, or it has problems communicating with the computer.

This happens when;

– Usb cable is defective …

– Usb cable is badly connected …

– The USB port is defective.


-Check if the cable is securely connected to the computer and the printer!

-Check if the Usb port is not defective by changing the port on the pc!

-Check that the USB cable is not defective by replacing the cable.

your printer appeared!

click ok !!


Step 10

Click on particular adjustment mode.


Step 11

Choose Waste ink pad counter!


Step 12

Check the box and click on initialize

 Step 13

Click ok. 


step 14

At this stage your reset was done.

Turn the printer off and on again! 


Close everything and good job !!

If you did everything according to the tutorial and still did not solve the problem …
Contact us by our chat or by the email provided by the payment method used!


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